*Batya's Kitchen; A place where u will find consistency in an unpredictable world...*

For the past 13 years, Batya's Kitchen has been serving the Jewish community with their culinary needs. At Batya's Kitchen only the highest quality foods are offered and customer service is and always has been a primary focus. In the same way they are scrupulous about their quality, their kashrut is under the strict supervision of Rabbi Aaron Mendelson.

By providing a full menu of delicious food that looks like it came right out of your very own oven, Batya's Kitchen has become a household go-to name when you want a personalized menu with a home cooked feeling, that you didn't actually have to cook yourself. When an order is filled at Batyas Kitchen, careful attention is placed into every detail. Customers can expect clearly labeled foods to meet and exceed their highest expectations.

Batyas kitchen adapts it's menu so as to offer a unique menu that is custom crafted to compliment each Yom tov season. To make the experience even more hassle free and user friendly, Batyas Kitchen offers direct overnight shipping to any location in the United States via FedEx. Private delivery service is offered to Brooklyn, the Five Towns, Staten Island, Monsey, Queens, Manhattan and New Jersey.

As the Rosh Hashanah/ Sukkos season approaches, the endless cooking and preparing can be daunting. Treat yourself or someone you know who needs it, to a Batya's Kitchen yom tov, which allows you to come to your own table feeling like a guest. Wishing you all a happy sweet new year!